Since childhood Michael has, been a lover of nature, forming early alliances with the sunrise, a Brazilian peppercorn tree, snakes and a variety of other life forms. At six years old his father began training Michael in gymnastics, and by eleven, after his mom’s passion for all things beautiful, he was in formal dance training for a career trajectory in ballet. His relationship with the natural world and knowledge of the body in-motion have been at the center of Michael’s passion and life-long cultivation.

In 1988, as part of a young creative startup, Michael was the natural dye extractor for a textile design company, Twin Sisters. His main focus was on creating rich layers of color and specializing in an ancient silk Japanese resist technique called Shibori.

In 1994, Michael finished his Associates degree on a dance scholarship at New World School of the Arts in Miami and performed locally and abroad for several semi-professional modern dance companies.

Before moving to North Carolina in 1995, Michael was re-awakened to the life changing beauty and power of aromatic essences and the interplay of scent emotion, and memory. His informal immersion into everything essential had emerged.



I was introduced to the art of sound and movement at a very young age learning the language of the body through the discipline of both Ballet and Karate. I continued to passionately explore the body through different movement modalities like Yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong, MuayThai, Pilates & Movement Based Expressive Arts. Playing the piano and the transversal flute exposed me to the language of sound, touch and breath which led me to study Sound Healing, Breath work & Reiki.  It is through movement and sound that I find myself in the most pure form of expression.

My passion for beauty, art and space, led me to study photography and Interior Design. Viewing the world through the lens of a camera in photography, and the creative eye in interior design, taught me about perspective, the creative process and creation itself.

I continued my eduction in Health & Wellness and organically transitioned into the Healing Arts. It was during this journey that I was introduced to Essential Oils by Michael Orkin. Falling in love with both inspired me to be part of this vision.



Our Lab is a research and experimental studio, as well as space to manufacture products. All of our products have come through our own investigation and trials. The lab is a great place to explore the unknown with both freedom and constraints that make replication essential. Precision and imagination partner together.