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The Earth has an atmosphere that has been distilling since the beginning of water on this planet. We all experience these natural cycles of expansion and contraction; respiration and consolidation.

Distillation is the action of purifying, simplifying to a more essential form. In our hydro-distillation process, we are transforming plant material into essential oil. It is a profound process that is both expiring and enlivening. A primordial death and rebirth.


Distillation is the act of bringing something to its most complete and essential form. During this process, plant material is collected and placed inside a distillation vessel, where water and heat slowly transforms plant substance into its more subtle essence. Hydro-Distillation gently strips away the outer plant form to reveal the inner vitality of its essence and aromatic signature. Heat inspires the plant material to move, oscillate and dance until it expresses its emotional, biological, aromatic secret. The result is a collection of highly charged plant molecules that are vital in both water- also known as hydrosol and oil- known as essential oil. This powerful transformation is the alchemy and the art of distillation.

Our process of distillation is slow and relatively cool, unlike commercial steam distillation which generates rapidly high yields using extreme high heat. Why it matters: Essential oils are aromatic molecules and are volatile by definition. Some are highly volatile which are exceedingly sensitive to heat, and very quickly evaporate into the atmosphere before being captured. Because our distillation apparatus and processes are designed to capture these rarified compounds, our essences represent a more full spectrum of fragrant notes. The nose knows the difference. Whether we’re using our pure glass or pure copper stills, the level of purity matters. Our hydro-distillation apparatus, designed by pioneering engineer Jack Chaitman, is where ancient science and modern technology combine to create a cauldron of aromatic alchemy. A thing reaches its essence when it is at once whole and yet without form. Essential oils by definition are in a state of complete self expression of the plant while at the same time formless and volatile.

"Transformation into a concentrated essential force of nature.”

Our distillation process and why it is so different: We use only purified well water from our farm to distill our essences.

The earth is constantly distilling – evaporation, condensation and rain in an ever flowing dynamic of the water cycle. Inside every atom are whirling particles of light. Matter is Energy with clothes on dancing to the rhythm of the tension between light and dark, earth and sky. Plants dance in harmony with this rhythm. They are perfect alchemists that bond the light of the sun and the minerals of the soil to create form. By absorbing their essence- hydrosol or inhaling their essential oil, they invite us to engage in our own transformation of substance. The primordial intelligence of plants brighten us and draw us closer to the intrinsic harmony of Nature itself. For thousands of years, aromatic plants have been used as a medicine, for ceremony, perfume, and to restore and enliven what I call the “soulbody.”

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    All the water below me came from above
    All the clouds living in the mountains
    gave it to the rivers,
    who gave it to the sea, which was their dying

    And so I float on cloud become water,
    central sea surrounded by white mountains,
    the water salt, once fresh,
    cloud fall and stream rush, tree roots and tide bank,
    leading to the rivers’ mouths
    and the mouths of the rivers sing into the sea,
    the stories buried in the mountains
    give it to the sea and the sea remembers
    and sings back,
    from the depths,
    where nothing is forgotten.