Shaman’s Hand Sanitizer


Supernatural Hand Sanitizer

A blessing for your hands and everything they touch

Sanitizes | Purifies | Moisturizes

The Shaman touches things with his awareness and energy. He understands the language and power of the natural world. His knowledge is transmitted through his hands. With stunning elegance, our Shaman’s hand sanitizer will protect you from the microbial world.



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  • By far the best hand sanitizer you’ve ever tried! 
  • Made with organic perfume alcohol, which is non drying, leaves your hands soft and moisturized, not just sanitized.
  • Our in-house distilled cedar leaf oil and hydrosol add to the unique aroma that purifies, while marigold and pink grapefruit dazzle.
  • The end result is a supernatural feeling that only a shaman could inspire.
Recommended Use
  • Spray 3 times in hands and gently rub together until absorbed.
  • Experience the magical feel in your hands.


Key:  *Certified Organic    ** Wild Harvested

Base Oils:

  1. *Perfume grape alcohol (190 proof)
  2. Distilled water
  3. *Cedar Leaf hydrosol

Essential oils:

  1. *Pink Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi)
  2. *Cedar Leaf (Thuja Occidentalis)
  3. *Tagetes (Tagetes minuta L.)
  4. *Sucrose Octaacetate


  1. PERFUME GRAPE ALCOHOL Sanitizing Emollient
  2. PINK GRAPEFRUIT Uplifting Clean
  3. CEDAR LEAF – Stimulating Protection
  4. TAGETES Aromatic Anti-fungal
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